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Dramatists Guild Fund

The Dramatists Guild Fund is the public charity arm of the Dramatists Guild of America. Its mission is to aid and nurture writers for the theater; to fund non-profit theaters producing contemporary American works; and to heighten awareness, appreciation, and support of theater across the country.

The Dramatists Guild Fund depends heavily on individual contributions from theater enthusiasts across the country in order to carry out its mission.

Each year, DGF provides:

  • emergency grants to writers facing illness or other unforeseen circumstances
  • awards grants to non-profit theaters
  • reaches out to the public with educational programming
  • creates writing development opportunities for dramatists at various stages in their career.

In January of 2008, the Dramatists Guild Fund was re-classified as a 501(c)3 public charity, enabling it to expand its reach through new initiatives such as The Legacy Project, a video series that documents and preserves the creative process of America’s most esteemed dramatists, and Traveling Masters, a national outreach program bringing esteemed writers into communities for writing workshops and public symposia.


To learn more about DGF’s programs, grants and projects or to donate to the fund, please visit dgfund.org.