No contract is “one size fits all!”

Because the Guild tracks national and worldwide trends, it is able to provide certain model contracts reflecting up-to-date industry standards. In certain situations, members should use those models as a template to begin their negotiations. Once negotiations have begun, however, the template should be changed to fit the specific facts of that member’s particular circumstance.

Most of our contracts are available as free email-able PDF files however our Approved Production Contract for Plays and our Approved Production Contract for Musicals (APC) must be purchased in printed form only.

Contracts can only be sent to current members.

Members may request any or all of these contracts by emailing

Please note that due to the large amount of requests we receive, it may take up to 48 hours for your request to be processed.

Approved Production Contract for Musicals

Form contract for Broadway/First Class musical productions. Requires Guild certification. The Executive or Associate Director must approve all requests for APCs before they can be released.

Approved Production Contract for Plays

Form contract for Broadway/First Class straight plays. Requires Guild certification. The Executive or Associate Director must approve all requests for APCs before they can be released.

Small Theater Contract – National Premiere

Form of 99 Seat Theatre Contract (NY, LA, and National) – Three form contracts for small theatres presenting premiere productions or AEA showcases.

Form of Licensing Agreement

A basic license, it grants the rights for a producer to produce a production without granting the subsidiary rights and future options that might go along with a premiere. This contract is short, straightforward and not intimidating, and it is especially useful when an author and producer are looking to enter into a very simple agreement, especially for amateur and school/university productions.

Form of Collaboration Agreement (Plays/Musicals)

Two form agreements for collaboration between authors. It is in the best interest of parties to enter into a collaboration agreement early in the creative process, to avoid potential difficulties that could arise at a later time.

Form of Commission Agreement (Plays/Musicals)

Agreement between a commissioning producer and author(s) to write and revise a script. The author(s) retain(s) the sole ownership of the play and maintain(s) control over additions, changes, and modifications. This agreement covers only the writing of a new piece and the producer’s right to acquire the option to produce the work. It does not cover the production of the work’s premiere, for which a separate contract must be entered into.



Form of Option Underlying Rights (Plays/Musicals)

Two forms of an option agreement used for an author to obtain the basic right to adapt a work as a play/musical from an existing work in which a second author holds copyright. These forms only deal with the acquisition of the option to adapt a copyrighted work and hold a staged reading. It does not guarantee the right to stage an actual production beyond the initial presentation. Given the complex process of acquiring underlying rights, the Guild recommends that members consult with an attorney.


Dramatists Guild contract forms are the copyrighted property of The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc., and are intended solely for use by DG members. Please note that the receipt by a DG member of any DG contract does not grant a right to the recipient to distribute or copy the contract for the benefit of non-members. Furthermore, the text of our contract forms should not be revised (except to fill in blanks and select specified options within a form) without prior consultation with a DG business affairs representative. Unauthorized copying, distribution or revision of DG agreements constitutes an infringement of copyright, and so, as a consequence thereof, the DG reserves the right to pursue all its rights and remedies under the law against any such infringing party.

Members may request any or all of these contracts by emailing